New BPA regulation proposal on FCMs had been made in EU

On January 11, 2018, the European Parliament Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) address a final decision on BPA regulation in food contact materials, instead of ban BPA in all FCMs completely, the EC decided to lower the specific migration limit (SML) for BPA in plastics from 0.6 mg/kg to 0.05 mg/kg, and of course migration of BPA shall be banned for all FCMs intended for infants and toddlers.

Although the committee didn't pass the complete ban on BPA in all FCMs, I believe this could be done in the near future, and you need to find a fully BPA free plastic containers manufacturer for your business now, which you can definitely find what you want at 3Plastics is professional plastic containers manufacturer, specialized in plastic bottles, jars, jugs, closures, etc. Our industry reach ranged from food, pharmacy, chemical, personal care, home care, cosmetics and so on. Click here to learn us.

One-Stop Shop: Multi-Functional Plastic Sample Jars

Endless Possibilities For Bulk Sample JarsOur premium sample jars come in a variety of materials, capacities, styles, they can be used in various items from food to art supplies to hardware, and of course cosmetics, they are great to store Creams, Lotions, Makeup, Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Scrubs, Salves, Nail Accessories, etc. 

Used widely in nail Multiple sizes and materials for your cosmetics, great for professional or personal use, perfect size for pretty much anything you want a travel size for to carry in your purse or pocket, You can't stop investing your own skincare bank just because tired of packaging the whole bunch of makeup kit, trying this new solution, we could label and print these jars for your convenience too. Shop Now>>

Nail Beauty

Used widely in nail beauty industry, Its clear view body provides easy access to the target items, these lids stay on tight, locked and unscrew the cap smoothly, which are some people concerned the most, they would never come …

Food-contact materials packagings & containers

Food-contact material means a layer that is in direct contact with food or beverage, there are many different ways that package for foodstuffs, according to marketing needs and other criteria, you can see clearly market share of packaging material below.
In general, any food-contact material should not release chemicals into the food at quantities that can harm human health, for plastic packagings, although a variety of plastic container styles are available for you, the direct layer with food must prevent the food from chemical contamination, 3Plastics supply a wide selection of plastic food-contact containers, like bottles, jars etc. They all got approved by the US, German and other countries' authorities, above all, you can ask a sample to test yourself before bulk purchase.

With the coming of 2018, the whole family of 3plastics wants to wish you to have a happy holiday, and keep the Christmas' merry to next year, in addition, you still got your 15% off on the first order, …

Finding Wholesale Price Prime PP Plastic Jars Here | Manufacturer & Supplier

1. The Prime Featured Plastic Cream Jars You Need The beautiful upscale white cream jars have been one of our hot-selling products for years, you can not only choose a variety of plastic jars in different sizes, styles, decorating services, you will also get the most compelling wholesale price from us, in addition to cream products, these cosmetic jars could store lotion, gel, serum, ointments or other skincare products.  We use the advanced PP material for these white plastic cosmetic jars, for our double wall jars, the PP outer wall for increased durability and the inner wall to preserve moisture. You can choose the double jars or single wall jars according to your products' features, or ask the advice from us, we're glad to help.  You definitely want to give your fancy products an attractive look, given this consideration, except product diversity, we offer you different lids for the same bottle, dome lid or straight curved lid, beyond this, the inner wall of our plastic co…

The Two Excellent Packagings For Liquid Foundation

A creative new way to package your cosmetic foundation, our dropper liquid foundation bottles have good performance in the market, initially, these bottles aren't special for cosmetic foundation, but after the MAC places an order from us about the dropper bottles, and then launched their new packaged liquid foundation to the market, they inevitably attracted a lot of attention.

These liquid foundation bottles can be made of LDPE, PP or other materials, and the foundation could take advantage of the transparent bottle to show its own beautiful color, unlike glass bottle, you can squeeze the bottle to distribute the exact amount you want with inner plug, no matter for personal use for professional use. Not to mention we got these foundation bottles ranged from 7ml to 35ml and various decorating services to meet your needs.

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Fascinating Airless Foundation Pump Bottles Silver Matte

A "magic" cosmetic …

What Can You Do With Boston Round Bottles

Boston round bottles are very common containers, starts from the 19th century, in the very beginning, the boston round bottle is made of glass with the certain capacity, and widely used in drug and chemical industries, to this day, they are still taking an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. But various aspects had changed about boston round bottle.

Plastic boston round bottle

Now, they could be made of plastic, and different materials according to their applications, 3Plastics stocks a variety of boston round bottles, you can choose them in different materials, capacities, and decorating services as well.

Boston round liquid foundation bottle

Maybe you don't have ideas in mind right now, you can take our JF-077 boston bottle as an example, since we provide this bottle for MCC company's cosmetic foundation, this series of products draw wide attention in cosmetic market, because we use transparent material for this boston round bottle and take advantages of foundation o…

How can we help you with your business in plastic packaging?

1. Experiences
3Plastics starts from a small factory, till now, almost 30 years, 3Plastic has already become an integrated industry and trade company, who specialized in plastic packaging. 

Along these years, 3Plastics gained many experiences and more advanced technology in manufacturing plastic containers, especially our main products, including plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic jugs, plastic boxes, along with plastic closures and many other accessories. 
2. Endeavor to solve problems
We always want to move forward with our clients, and we intend to be a problem solver, when we face the challenge and the high-standard requirements from the clients, our engineers won't buckle under the difficulties, we endeavor to improve our technologies, skills, and management, strengthen the communication with clients. Eventually, we got the job done successfully.
By these principals we carried out, 3Plastic wined a wide range of clients' trusts, such as Nestle, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Disn…